Hatty hat hat hat

We would like to start out by saying… we are NOT cold weather fans. Seriously. Not at all. We both whine and complain from about October-April. However… In our great battle to defeat Jack Frost, we have a wonderful excuse to make millions of cute hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters and so on. Right now Steff is in the middle of an amazing complicated sweater. I am the child who never grew up, so I’m been making a series of themed hats. Our first to show… The Sea Monster Hat!

Loch Ness gave sea monsters such a bad reputation! Clearly, they’re a nice fun loving bunch. Care to join the party? This can be your official Sea Monster Hat to go play under the sea, dress up for Halloween, or enjoy any other chilly day of the year.

This hat was crocheted in the round with soft fuzzy aqua and purple yarn. The hat has dainty ear covers, and extra long ties and tassels at the end. Accented with a sea monster style and beads.

Sea Monster Hat

Sea Monster Hat

Sea Monster Hat

Sea Monster Hat

On sale at our Etsy Shop now www.greenelevator.etsy.com


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