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Drawing Board, Back to It

Dear World,


You’ve seen creatures made of yarn, and you’re about to see them made out of felt. or fabric. or fabric and felt. or yarn and felt and fabric. You get the idea. We’ve been hitting the sketch books this week to branch out more into the wide world of plush. It’s a change of gears going from all yarn to mixed fabric, but we think this will really allow us more freedom with the designs. Should we be this excited over felt? Perhaps not… but it makes us happy. With the success of our crocheted hats on Etsy , we will also be creating some more “creature hats” combining felt, yarn, and other fabrics as well.

To satisfy our crafting ADD, we’ve also been knitting up a storm. Megan has started and restarted and restarted again (don’t ask) a woven cable scarf (pictures to come). Steff has finished an awesome cabled leg warmer, and will finish the other after a trip to the craft store ends her “I’ve run out of yarn and I need to get more before I move on to another project and forget this one forever” crises. Wow, knitting seems to be giving us the heck lately! Not cool knitting, get your act together.



The Ladies of Green Elevator


Halloween – A Crafters Most Important Holiday

Hi Ho! Megan the VooDoo Doll here!

Dorkyness, fun, costumes, playing pretend, hand-made things EVERYWHERE. My goodness, I love this Holiday!!!

Steff rocks the socks off of themed-party costumes, but Halloween tends to be my one big “turn myself into my own craft project” day of the year. This year was my first non cute/cartoony costume. I’m proud to say, I creeped a few people out. Victory!

I needed a costume that I could make in under 4 days and had 90% of the materials. Wednesday-Saturday (Halloween Night): crocheted tights and sleeves, made dress from burlap, felt heart, drinking straws+glitter+styrofoam+pain+hot glue+mod podge = pins, crochet headband with strips of fabric for hair, black eye pain, bright red lips stick, brown tights underneath for warmth. ta da!


VooDoo Doll


VooDoo Doll



Megan the Geek here! We we are not only business crafters, but full time personal life crafters too. Yesterday was a very special day for me:

1. Yesterday was my birthday (yay!)
2. (More importantly) My Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume was recognized by! I take great pride in the nerdyness of myself and the things I make, so I’m pretty excited about this. You can check out the post at


Rainbow Brite Cosume

Extra Extra! Read All About It!

Green Elevator Industries is FINALLY up and running. That’s right kids. Get excited.

A lot more to come very soon…

Just So You Know…

Lots of knitting.
Lots of yarn and paper.
Torso Army.

Prepare yourselves.


Megan and Steff

Hello Hello!

Hi Everyone!
Thought we’ve been slacking? Running in fields of daisies? Singing songs? Playing all the live long day? All the while NOT crafting? Well you’re wrong Mr. and Ms. Fancy Pants! Steff and I have been crafting up a storm at the Green Elevator Head Quarters. While we are dedicated crafters, we’re not so great at taking pictures to prove it. I swear there will be photos to come soon.. really.. I swear!

Some things to look forward to:

Steff has been bouncing between sewing and knitting. Her knit patterns are so complicated my eyes glaze over just looking at her very.. large.. very organized.. chartS. Note the emphasis on the plural. As for sewing, you can all look forward to some awesome aprons coming up. Circle skirts, upcycling, trimmings – They’re so cute it hurts.

I’ve been making a few Amigurumi creatures, experimenting with “plarn”, itty bitty bit of knitting, and brain storming. By brain storming I mean starting 20 differnt things, not really liking them, making my living room look like a grave yard of unfinished yarn creatures. Interesting but not quite the decorating theme I was going for.

Also it looks like we will be teaming up with our good friend and fellow crafter Nissa of Nissa Sue Loves You (link to her Etsy shop on the right) to form a craft coalition! Right now we are in the very serious planning stages (coming up with a cool name), in extreme privacy and secret (in a conversation over our facebook walls), to take over the world (to make crafts)!!!

If the weather is a little less dramatic this weekend we’ll be taking photos of our recent finished works and a few in progress shots to give you a preview of what’s to come. Until then, sleep soundly knowing Green Elevator Industries is alive and well.

Meg and Steff

Coming soon!

Dear Everyone on Earth,

Green Elevator Industries is coming soon.


Steffany and Megan