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Halloween – A Crafters Most Important Holiday

Hi Ho! Megan the VooDoo Doll here!

Dorkyness, fun, costumes, playing pretend, hand-made things EVERYWHERE. My goodness, I love this Holiday!!!

Steff rocks the socks off of themed-party costumes, but Halloween tends to be my one big “turn myself into my own craft project” day of the year. This year was my first non cute/cartoony costume. I’m proud to say, I creeped a few people out. Victory!

I needed a costume that I could make in under 4 days and had 90% of the materials. Wednesday-Saturday (Halloween Night): crocheted tights and sleeves, made dress from burlap, felt heart, drinking straws+glitter+styrofoam+pain+hot glue+mod podge = pins, crochet headband with strips of fabric for hair, black eye pain, bright red lips stick, brown tights underneath for warmth. ta da!


VooDoo Doll


VooDoo Doll


Extra Extra! Read All About It!

Green Elevator Industries is FINALLY up and running. That’s right kids. Get excited.

A lot more to come very soon…