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Halloween – A Crafters Most Important Holiday

Hi Ho! Megan the VooDoo Doll here!

Dorkyness, fun, costumes, playing pretend, hand-made things EVERYWHERE. My goodness, I love this Holiday!!!

Steff rocks the socks off of themed-party costumes, but Halloween tends to be my one big “turn myself into my own craft project” day of the year. This year was my first non cute/cartoony costume. I’m proud to say, I creeped a few people out. Victory!

I needed a costume that I could make in under 4 days and had 90% of the materials. Wednesday-Saturday (Halloween Night): crocheted tights and sleeves, made dress from burlap, felt heart, drinking straws+glitter+styrofoam+pain+hot glue+mod podge = pins, crochet headband with strips of fabric for hair, black eye pain, bright red lips stick, brown tights underneath for warmth. ta da!


VooDoo Doll


VooDoo Doll