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Trees In Progress…

You may have noticed… Steff and I… not so great at in progress updates and pictures. We swear we’re trying to get better! To prove it here is a little guy that’s in process now:

Little Tree

Little Tree

Crocheted truck and three pom pom’s for the leaves – this little guy is on his way! Way to what.. I’m not sure. Right now I’m thinking of making a few crochet and non crochet tree jar pieces. I still can’t decide if I would want everything in the jar to be made of yarn or not for this tree. I don’t want it to be too yarny but I also don’t want the yarn to look out of place with some other material. Unfortunately, I haven’t been eating a lot of food that comes in jars lately, leaving my “art supplies” a little low. Spaghetti dinner anyone?

Speaking of trees… here is another piece I’ve been working on…forever…

Patch Work Tree

Patch Work Tree

I don’t even know if I want to talk about this one due to being so embarrassed that it’s STILL not done.  It was a chicken wire frame… for months.. then it was a mod podge fabric decoupage trunk… for months… then I was super motivated! I hand cut and stitched all the leaves, glued/wired them on – and then!!!! I ran out of thread… lost my momentum… and there it sits. I plan to finish it soon though. Upon Steff’s suggestion I think I might make a preserved twig bonsai tree type base filled with moss to put it in.

PS – I love that you can see my awesome Martha Stewart Glitter in the background. yes!


The Weather Was Nice To Us!

I suffered for my art!!! By suffer, I mean got a bug bite in the park… By art, I mean yarn animals… By all of this, I mean we took new photos in the park!

Pretty Piggy Front

Pretty Pig

This is our pretty pig. She prefers frolicking in fields of flowers over the laying around in the mud. She is crocheted from yarn with felt accents, and her flower garland is made from origami flowers and sealed with Mod Podge. For the rest of the photos click here.

Unidentified Creature

Unidentified Creature

At the moment this is an Unidentified Creature. Although he looks like he and the space hamster may have come from the same location… He is made from yarn with felt accents, wire, and yarn pom poms. What ever he is, I hope a merry little army of these guys takes over the world, then enforces their jolly way of life upon us. “You earthlings will be play games, sing songs, and dance! NOW!!! HAHAHAH!” For the rest of the photos click here.

All photos taken and enjoyed in Prospect Park.

The First, and soon to be not the only, Photo Shoot

We’re not ready for an Etsy launch yet, but things are happening for us here at Green Elevator. Since Steff and I decided way back when to start a business we’ve been on a craft mission, an exploration of craft, a journey to the crafter with in! That basically comes out to be 5 billion (no more no less) half finished/started projects.

However, I think Steff has started to master the art of aprons while I have continued and improved my amigurumi-crocheted creatures. The first official Green Elevator items have been photographed and posted to
flickr. Nothing is for sale yet, but you can get an idea of some of the things we have cooking.

Hedge Hamster

Hedge Hamster

I made this guy several months ago when we were first thinking of starting a business. I was going for a woodland type creature, and he turned out to be a mix of a hedge hog and a hamster. So that’s exactly what he is.

Space Hamster

Space Hamster

This was my first attempt with using wire in an amigurumi project. I had no idea what this was when I finished.


Megan: What is this thing?

Steff: A hamster from space?

and so he is..

Punk Rock Bunny

Punk Bunny

Ah this project was fun walk down memory lane. I, and many of my friends, went through a “punk” phase in high school. Blue hair, baggy jeans, old thrift store t-shirts – the whole bit. Looking back at pictures we looked about as hardcore as this bunny does. But who says a little bunny can’t be badass? Um.. you know.. in his own way.. kind of.. Anyway, Rock on little guy.

Vegetarian T-Rex

Vegetarian T-Rex

A vegetarian T-Rex. Maybe we’re not slaves to nature after all. Or maybe carrots are just that good. The gentle reptile to my right is a little different than my previous work. Slightly more muppety/cartoony, and more complex. He was created using many little swatches of crocheted fabric sewn together. I would love to try another dinosaur since this one was a great learning piece.

All the pictures were taken at the beautiful, amazing, and just a little big magical – Prospect Park. Field trip to Coney Island next? What?