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The Weather Was Nice To Us!

I suffered for my art!!! By suffer, I mean got a bug bite in the park… By art, I mean yarn animals… By all of this, I mean we took new photos in the park!

Pretty Piggy Front

Pretty Pig

This is our pretty pig. She prefers frolicking in fields of flowers over the laying around in the mud. She is crocheted from yarn with felt accents, and her flower garland is made from origami flowers and sealed with Mod Podge. For the rest of the photos click here.

Unidentified Creature

Unidentified Creature

At the moment this is an Unidentified Creature. Although he looks like he and the space hamster may have come from the same location… He is made from yarn with felt accents, wire, and yarn pom poms. What ever he is, I hope a merry little army of these guys takes over the world, then enforces their jolly way of life upon us. “You earthlings will be play games, sing songs, and dance! NOW!!! HAHAHAH!” For the rest of the photos click here.

All photos taken and enjoyed in Prospect Park.